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Hike through the pristine landscapes of the Land of the Makhteshim, with experienced, expert guides whose home is the desert

The desert has a unique magic of its own, and you can fall in love with it in just a day or two. . If you want to fall in love with the desert too, Come and Hike in the Land of Crates with experienced, expert guides whose home is the desert. Every hike offers a significant experience and a fascinating opportunity to see spectacular landscapes, human remnants in the deserts, unique vegetation and occasional wildlife guiding hikes for all group types work teams, managements, senior citizens and more – ensures you will enjoy a significant experience that will remain with you for years to come, as many of our hikers tell us when they return again and again for our tours. Transportation by bus, private vehicles or by foot. Our attention to your needs and extensive experience

The desert’s gems await you!

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