Bateva Guiding Center

About Us

Our Vision

Bateva Guiding Center was established in 2004 by the guides Efrat Kedem Silbert and Nadav Silbert. The love of the land led us. The vision was and remains the accessibility of the field and familiarity with the paths of our country to the general public in an experiential way.

Along with knowledge-intensive instruction for adults, educational institutions and higher education, we have traveled over the years a huge variety of groups around the country, family trips, team trips and managers, groups and tourists.
In time, we were joined by additional guides and we spent innumerable tours and field activities.
In 2010, we moved to Mitzpeh Ramon. With the deepening of knowledge and deep familiarity with the area, we decided to guide only in the Negev and in the Negev Mountains in particular. We have added to the variety of activities, guided jeep tours and at the same time we also dealt with content productions of conferences and scientific tourism events: the “Mystery of the Desert” archeology, “Mount Karkom Mount Sinai”, the geological enthusiasts’ conference, the ” , First Travel Recovery and more …
Watching the night sky is an old hobby, which in recent years has also become a central part of our center. Today, Bateva Guiding Center holds the largest mobile observatory in Israel and leads the popular observation and stargazing in the Negev region. 21 Telescopes of various types and especially large portable telescopes are used to share the general public our enthusiasm. Including the largest mobile telescope in Israel, a massive 24-inch telescope.

We also participate in the Mitzpe Ramon Planetarium. In this field, Bateva produces big events: five of the events of “Rain of Stars” – the Great Stars Festival of Mitzpe Ramon, mass observations on the occasion of special astronomical events and on July 27, 18 – “Moon in love at Tu B’Av,” the deepest lunar eclipse of the decade.